A 300mm burst main occurred along the Nasealevu line, near the Nakama Pump station in Labasa on Thursday, October 15 causing water disruptions to surrounding areas.

The WAF team was dispatched immediately to conduct emergency repair work which is still ongoing.

Areas such as Vunivau, Soasoa, Parts of Vunika, Basoga, Batinikama, Siberia, Bulileka, Vitadra, Mani Road, Prince Andrew Road, Lowcost, Bulileka, Cemetery Road, Boca, Urata, Bulileka Village, Boubale,
Dreketilailai, Bocalevu, Rara, and Saint Augustine, elevated areas of Bocalevu, Qelewaqa, Abua and Wailevu have had water disruptions.

A second burst took place along the Navau raw water line where there was a 375mm pipe breakage at Vunikawakawa village.

Since both the main raw water bulk line supplying Labasa from Nasealevu and Navau incurred damages at the same time, it escalated the delay in restoration works, causing more deterioration to the water levels at
Benau Reservoir.

Water carting trucks continue to service affected areas.

Works to the Navau raw water line were completed by WAF ground teams early Friday morning (16/10) and flushing works were carried out to help restore the critical level that Benau Reservoir was facing.

To mitigate the water supply issues in the North, the team worked on filling the Volanau Reservoir, which was also at a critical level at the time of the disruptions.

This ensured that residents living in the low lying areas of Vunivau, Boca, Vaturekuka, Vatunibale, and Bulileka received water by Friday evening.
Early yesterday morning (19/10), no raw water was received from the Navau raw water main as there was another burst main on the DN375 raw water main line along Vunikawakawa village.

WAF ground teams and water carting teams in Labasa had been working around the clock to normalise water supply as well as to ascertain the cause of the technical issue at the Navau main raw water pipe since
its alignment continues to strain the water supply system.

Water is being carted to affected customers and the authority asks affected citizens to remain patient.

All Fijians are urged to store at least 2-days worth of drinking water, particularly as Fiji faces drought conditions.

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