The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is currently working around
the clock to address the balancing of 
water pressure and flow in pipelines and reservoirs which is causing
fluctuations in water levels which has resulted in intermittent water supply to
Fijians who receive their water from the Nasinu, Flagstaff, Nagatugatu,
Tacirua, Dokanaisuva and Colo-i-suva reservoirs.

Last week, restoration of water was greatly delayed due to
the opening of fire hydrants in Raiwai, which disrupted the pressurization of
the water supply system. 

After restoration works were completed in the weekend, system balancing is still in progress to stabilize fluctuations in pressure and flow to the affected reservoirs.

This may cause low pressure or intermittent supply to elevated areas of Tacirua, parts of Tamavua Princess Road, upper Ragg Avenue including Amputch Place, Nailuva Road, Ratu Sukuna Road (junction of Vatuwaqa Primary to the Vuya Road junction), USP Hostel, and Dokanaisuva and ColoI-Suva areas.

Water carting trucks have been deployed to service the
following areas:

  • Vashanti
    Lal – Laucala Beach 
  • Colo-i-suva
  • Vunikawai
  • Dokanaisuva
  • Marshall
    Road – Colo-i-suva
  • Tacirua
  • Macfarlane
    – Raiwai
  • Leys
    Road – Raiwai
  • PRB
  • Nailuva
  • Upper Ratu Sukuna Road

Fijians are urged to contact our National Contact Center on
3346777 or short code 5777 for water carting requests as well as to report
leakages on roadsides.

WAF ground teams, last night, successfully repaired a burst
main situated along Niubalavu Road, off Khalsa Road which had drained huge
amounts of treated water from the water reticulation system.

The Authority urges Fijians to conserve and always store sufficient amounts of water to last them for at least two to three days in their homes at all times.

The Authority also encourages Fijians to invest in storage containers or water tanks connected to the water system for storage and backup supply during any unplanned disruption that may arise due to emergency works, as well as natural disasters.

WAF also urges Fijians not to leave taps open during the day
and night as restoration work is greatly affected especially to customers in
affected areas. 

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