THE Water Authority of Fiji will begin estimating the usage of inaccessible meters from this month.

Inaccessible meters has become a concern to WAF and this has led to unread meters and unbilled water usage for some households since February this year, recording to a total of 3.2% equivalent to approximately 5,000 customers.

WAF General Manager Customer Services and Acting General Manager Operations,  Sekove Uluinayau said WAF has developed a new policy categorizing the types of inaccessible meters and ways they could conduct accurate meter readings to ensure households received their bills on time.
Uluinayau said inaccessible meters have been grouped into five categories which include meters that cannot be reached because of locked gates, ferocious dogs in compounds, meters buried under soil, meter buried under water and meters located on slopes.

“These factors have limited WAF meter-readers from collecting data on water usage so we will begin estimating meter-readings for these households. WAF staff will also be simultaneously working to make meters to these households accessible,” said Uluinayau.
“We will be working on relocating and upgrading meters to these identified households which will be free of charge and conducted in a way to ensure it is accessible and convenient for our meter readers.”
He also said billing estimations would take place for two quarters in a financial year, meter readers will also issue calling card to inaccessible properties where customers are given the provision to provide their own meter readings by contacting the Authority’s National Contact Centre on 3346777 or 5777 or email
Uluinayau also advises that the public keep their meter areas clean and accessible to meter readers as untimely billing would come at a higher cost to the public.
The Authority wishes to also advise its customers to inform WAF about property developments, which may hinder the position of the water meter.
Please liaise with WAF for the repositioning of water meters.
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