During his visit to the WAF depot in Tavua, WAF CEO, Barry Omundson presented ‘Certificates of Recognition’ to two staff members for excellent service delivery.
Omundson thanked the two, Rakesh Lal and Raman Kumar for their hard work and dedication which has been praised by WAF customers.
One customer in Tavua – Allan Loosely, described their service provision as ‘world class’.
“This morning I woke up to find zero water in the house. A quick inspection revealed a pipe breakage at the meter supply. I reported the fault in person at the WAF Office in Tavua at 0815hrs, and by 0920hrs WAF guys from Tavua had fixed the problem.”
“That is world class service by any standards. Please pass this message on to the relevant people at WAF, who no doubt are fed up with all the adverse publicity they get,” Loosely stated.
WAF provides access to water and wastewater service to over 700 thousand Fijians and provides 116 trillion litres of treated water annually to homes and business across Fiji.
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