The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has installed 2 generator
sets at the Waila Raw Water Pump and Waila Water Treatment Plant to help
improve the water supply to Fijians in these areas.

“Having undertaken over the last three months, site and
asset inspections throughout much of our wide network we have been able to
identify service delivery risks in multiple areas which we are
addressing,” said WAF CEO, Mr. Barry Omundson.

“One of the high risks identified was the inadequacy of
existing generators to cater for an increased demand for water in the Suva
network. The installation of generators capable of activating and supporting
all pumps necessary to deliver against the demand will see our customers
receive a more regular supply of water through our system, particularly so as
it takes in, some cases over a week to normalise supply when we experience
unplanned power outages.”

“Having generators capable of meeting this demand
during those times is essential in providing water to our over 60% of customers
in Suva.”

WAF recorded a 13% decrease in water cuts in January 2020
compared to January 2019 and a 44% decrease in February 2020, compared to
February 2019.

“But, we are not getting ahead of ourselves as while the
statistics show we are experiencing fewer complaints on breaks in Suva than at
the same time as last year, they still paint a poor service picture to our

“We are working hard on improving, including replacing
those assets that need replacing, ensuring a consistent service delivery standard,
empowering our staff to get things done sooner rather than later, and building
an organizational culture capable of making every Fijian proud of the services
delivered by the Water Authority of Fiji.”

“We have a long way to go, but the journey has started,
and I ask all our customers to bear with us a little longer and store up to 2
days of water, especially now during the COVID-19 emergency,” Mr. Omundson

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