Vodafone Fiji’s 210 million dollar network expansion project is almost nearing completion.

This was confirmed by the Acting CEO of Vodafone Fiji- Ronald Prasad who says this expansion will change the future of telecommunication in Fiji by increasing Vodafone’s network capacity.

“Vodafone Fiji’s network expansion and network capacity project will be completed in the next coming months.”

The company’s Acting CEO Ronald Prasad says the investment which started two years ago, has cost the company around 210 million dollars.

“The demand for telecommunications has raised 10 folds after the COVID 19 pandemic,” says Prasad.

In the last 18 months , Prasad says web browsing has moved more towards video traffic.

Meanwhile, Vodafone Fiji, as part of their COVID19 relief efforts is working closely with customers from the tourism and hospitality areas on a case by case basis to assist in navigating them through such difficult times.

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