VPCL the group has joined hands with SCGF and Vodafone’s m-Paisa to enable cashless payments via m-Paisa platform.

Vinod Patel’s Centerpoint, branch, Neelesh Singh, General Manager-Sales & Operations, expressed optimism in the overall partnership. He said, “We have deep ties with Vodafone and SCGF- Sugar Cane Growers Council and over the years, our relationship has only grown. Innovation is our company’s core value and as they say: ‘If you don’t innovate, you evaporate.’

Therefore with the rapidly changing consumer habits VPCL has engaged with Vodafone’s m-Paisa payment portal. Customers now can purchase products using m-Paisa at all our stores (Vinod Patel and Home and Living) in Fiji. QR codes have been installed and our staff are trained to execute e-transactions through m-Paisa.

All Vinod Patel and Home and Living stores in Fiji are m-Paisa enabled and offers seamless cashless payment options and no additional charges to our customers.”

Explaining the benefits, Neelesh adds, “We are readying ourselves for the future and the future is digital. Payments, through cellular phones is extremely popular in other nations, essentially because of the security and convenience it brings to the table.

We can witness the shift by customers and businesses alike to adapt cashless and online payments, primarily because it is quick, transparent and will help us settle billings much faster, thereby providing convenience to customers. There are added risks linked with cash handling and manual operations.”

“Payments through mobile phone is the new way to pay because of the security, convenience and ready access it provides. “said Shailendra Prasad, Head of e-commerce and Corporate Affairs and Vodafone Fiji. Globally, there is an increasing shift by businesses to adopt cashless and digital payments through the mobile phones as the preferred mode of payment.

This is because it is readily available on your phone, is secure, convenient and provides a paperless electronic record as proof of payment for the business as well as customers. It takes away all the risks associated with handling cash.

“Sugar Cane Growers Fund (SCGF) is honored and proud to be part of Vodafone’s technological platform.

The M-PAiSA with QR Payment System will enable our growers to get loan disbursement; insurance claim payments, contractor payment or purchases,” direct said Chief Executive Officer of SCGF Mr. Raj Sharma. The growers can opt for this payment mode instead of payments to bank accounts or payments by cheques.

This would also help them to make loan repayment or even their relatives or family can send or pay on their behalf.

The most important thing is that they do not have to travel to the banks or town and now get the services at the local M- PAiSA outlets like farmers in Seaqaqa, Wainikoro and or even Sabeto Nadi can get these services through the post offices or any of the Vodafone agents or Vodafone outlets.

This also means now any point in time our growers can pay loan repayment from comfort of their home like other payments. Mr. Sharma said 7497 growers maintain about 14,745 accounts with SCGF. He said it is pleasing to note that about 558 of the growers are already on the M-PAiSA platform.” Mr. Sharma said,

“They chose Vinod Patel & Co. to be part of the launch this afternoon as they deal with hardware and farming tools, and are located in most of the cane belt centers”.   SCGF has moved to a new cloud based solution early this month and now all the district offices connected real time. A new core business solution is expected to be rolled out before 31 March 2020.

Shailendra Prasad, further adds, “We are therefore delighted to enable the M-PAiSA payment service for Vinod Patel and Home and Living who are one of the largest hardware and consumer goods dealers in the country. For its thousands of customers M-PAiSA provides a convenient cashless payment option at all Vinod Patel cashier counters Fiji wide. Most importantly, there are no charges to the public when they use M-PAiSA QR to make payments”, said Shailendra Prasad, Head of mCommerce & Corporate Affairs, Vodafone Fiji Limited.”

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