Government has so far completed eight community projects in the current financial year to help uplift and improve the living standard of Fijians in our rural communities in the Northern Division.

Facilitated by the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management, the projects were undertaken under the ministry’s Self Help Project (SHP).

Under the programme, communities are encouraged to initiate their socio- economic sustainable development projects on a cost sharing basis with the Government.

The eight projects are among the 29 SHP projects earmarked to be undertaken in the 2019/2020 financial year following an allocation of $378,873 in the current financial year’s budget.

The projects include an evacuation center at Bagasau in Cakaudrove, six water projects at Lekutu, and Dama in Bua, Vuna in Taveuni, Nadavaci in Tunuloa and Macuata and a fisherman retail project at
Nailou, Tunuloa.

The evacuation centre at Bagasau will ensure safety and security of the villagers during natural disasters.

The project is expected to be commissioned in the coming months.

The water project in Vuna, Taveuni is expected to benefit more than 1000 people. The project will ensure that communities have access to clean and safe storage of drinking water as villagers within
the Tikina of Vuna had been facing frequent water problems for a long time.

The completion of the Nailou Water Project will enable the villagers to have access to reliable and safe drinking water to maintain healthy living, while the retail fisherman project at Nadavaci will
empower and encourage fishermen as well as the village community to be more productive. The retail project will be accessible to members of the communities within the village.

The purchase of water tanks for communities in Lekutu, Bua will provide them with clean, safe and reliable water supply and also promote healthy living in the community, while the purchase of 1x1000ltrs
water tank for Luvuluvu/Korokadi School in Lekutu is expected to cater for the 10 families living within the school community to have sufficient water for daily use.

The provision of the Tavulomo Village Concrete water project in Dama, Bua will also cater for the daily water needs of 38 households and also address problems that may arise in the future.

The completion of the Macuata District Water Project will ensure that the five districts of Udu, Cawaro, Namuka, Bucalevu and Lagalaga will have reliable and consistent supply of drinking water. The
project is also expected to improve the living standards of villagers in these communities.

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