More than 97 households in Nadhari Settlement, Ba will soon have access to clean and safe drinking water through the assistance from the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources Ground Water Development Project.

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources,  Ashneel Sudhakar said that Phase 1 and 2 works have been completed.

1 which is the hydro-geological assessment (groundwater investigation) was
undertaken through the Micro Project Program (MPP), a joint effort of the South
Pacific Community (SPC), Mineral Resource Department (MRD) and funded by the
European Union. The MPP was also spearheaded by the Honourable PM’s office as
the Minister for Sugar.

second phase of the project included a borehole which was drilled to a depth of
50 meters will benefit 97 households, comprising mainly sugar cane farmers
within the area.

Sudakhar confirmed that the newly purchased TONE 300 Drill Rig from Japan which
is the latest version was deployed for the first time to this area to help in
the groundwater exploration drilling.

added that Phase 2 of reticulation works, will begin soon whereby 402 villagers
would benefit from the ground water resource.

Settlement is a cane belt area that had been selected based on the severity of
water problems faced by the farmers.

people of Navia settlement in Ba, and Volivoli (1 and 2) settlement, and
Rarapatu settlement in Rakiraki, will also benefit from a Groundwater
Development Project that will commence soon.

villages facing problems with access to clean and safe drinking water can lodge
their request for boreholes at their respective district office”, Minister
Sudakhar said.

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