The Vatuwaqa Blind School in Suva is now closed.
A 10 year old student staying at the Blind School Hostel, showed signs of Fever, Neckpain and Rashes, on his body.
The boy was taken to the CWM Hospital, by hostel staff.
The school Head Teacher – Sharmila Chandra says, the directive came from the CWM Hospital, to seal the school closed.
The area has now undergone ‘Quarantine’, to prevent the spread of measles, to other students and teachers, at the school.
The Ministry of Health said that the measles vaccine is in limited supply, and therefore Medical Services would like to inform the public, that there is an interim shortage of the measles vaccine.
For this reason, the remaining measles vaccine stock will be prioritised, to those who are at the greatest risk of catching and spreading measles, and it is not available for the general public, until additional stocks arrive in the coming days.
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