The Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Parveen Kumar Bala has acknowledged youth members of Vatunareba for their resilience in adapting quickly to the change in scenario and focusing on farming as it is our assets. 

Officiating at the launching of Vatunareba Youth Farm Project in Yalobi, Yasawa today, Minister Bala highlighted that Fijians must accept that these are difficult times due to the pandemic but we have to cooperate to get through it together. 

“I commend your resilience in quickly adapting to the change in scenario and focusing on farming as that is our asset. We are happy to be part of your development in your new direction. “As a Ministry we would like to see the expansion and success of our assistance and to see youths leading the way in community development activities and I must say that I am impressed with Vatunareba.” 

“The need of the hour is to think out of the box solutions and adapt lifestyle models and work culture that suits you and that is why my Ministry is encouraging youth clubs to utilize unused land for agricultural purposes. 

Minister Bala highlighted that the yield from their farming activities will reassure food security for their families and if they plant more crops and vegetables they can ensure a sustainable source of income. 

The Minister also commended the landowners of Yalobi who gave 15 acres of their land for the youth group to utilize. “Today’s achievement is a partnership between your village community, your youth club and the government. So, your success is our collective success. The future will be about togetherness.” 

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