The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) wishes to advise customers living in
the elevated parts of Samabula, Rewa Street, Delainavesi to Togalevu, as well
as elevated areas of Nasinu and surrounding areas that they may experience
intermittent supply of water at times from this afternoon (08/04).


Rewa Street, and Delainavesi to Togalevu
Areas Nasinu

  • Delainavesi
    to Togalevu Naval Base                  Yasiyasi Road
  • Elevated
    areas in Samabula (Votua Street,                     Duvula

Moala Street, Lakeba Street,
Lovoni Street)                     Part of Nawanawa

  • Nailuva
    Road       
             Caqiri Road
  • Rewa
    Street                   Tax Free Zone
  • Ratu
    Sukuna Road                     Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Howell
    Road        
             Valelevu Area (Part of Kanace
    from Nuqa
  • Fulaga
  • Lakeba
             Parts of Daniva
  • Bureta
             Ura Place
  • Ki
    Street, Wailoku                     Nasinu Road
  • Sese
    Street                   Nasole
  • Kikau
  • Kula
    Street                    Parts of Kinoya
  • Shalimar
    Street    
  • Moti
  • Raiwasa
  • Lagilagi
  • Kula
  • Waiqanake,
    Nabaka, Muaivuso, Namakala                 

The temporary interruption in water supply is due to a series of unplanned electricity outages today which had disrupted water supply operations to the Waimanu, Savura and Waila Raw Water Pump Stations and blockage of our intakes due to floodwaters which

had affected and reduced the production rate of treated
water at the Tamavua and Waila Water Treatment Plants.

Electricity supply is yet to be nomalised to the raw
water pump stations, WAF Engineers and Technical Teams are working to maintain
operations at the pumping stations and treatment plants to sustain water levels
in service reservoirs.

The Authority advises customers
residing in the areas above to use water wisely and to store water for their immediate needs during this
temporary disruption period.

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