The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing cooperation with the Fijian Government in recognition of Fiji’s leadership in building resilience and in seeking innovative solutions to address issues of displacement faced by communities amidst the climate crisis.

her first visit to Fiji, the newly appointed Regional Representative United
Nations High Commissioner for Refugee, Ms Louise Aubin paid a courtesy call on
the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, Sugar Industry and
Acting Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr Yogesh J. Karan in Suva.

commending Fiji’s regional and global leadership, Ms Aubin said the UNHCR is
determined to strengthen collaboration with the Fijian Government in the area
of climate change adaptation and resilience building. She said UNHCR is pleased
with Fiji’s commitment at the global stage to advocate for issues that are
aligned to the mandates of UNHCR. 

Aubin thanked PS Karan for the comprehensive discussions on the development of
legislative and technical support to empower Fiji and the Pacific region to
play a greater role in achieving the global action plan to end statelessness.
She added that there was a huge potential for Fiji and UNHCR to explore new
initiatives that will positively impact the lives of people in Fiji, the
Pacific and the world over.

was applauded by UNHCR for its support towards the global campaign by UNHCR to
eradicate statelessness.

clear that Fiji has always been a friend of the campaign with its leadership
role and commitment to further eradicate statelessness,” Ms Aubin elaborated.

Karan congratulated Ms Aubin for the new role and conveyed the Fijian
Government’s support which complements the work carried out globally by
UNHCR.  He said that Fiji’s partnership with UNHCR is aligned with the
Goverments’ priorities on the climate change agenda and that Fiji welcomes the
work undertaken by UNHCR with the International Organisation for Migration,
(IOM) on the Pacific Mobility Project to address the cross border dimension of
climate change.

overall aim of the project is to develop a regional framework to address
cross-border displacement resulting from climate change. Consensus within the
region on human-rights based, human dignity approach to internal planned
relocations would provide a critical foundation for cross border relocations.

Karan said that Fiji also looks forward to assuming the chairmanship of the
Platform on Disaster Displacement in July 2020, which will provide an
opportunity for Fiji to leverage global solidarity in maintaining momentum and
urgency on climate action.

assuming the UNHCR role, Ms Aubin held the position of the Deputy Director,
Field Protection Service, Division of International Protection, UNHCR in
Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The UNHCR Regional Representation in
Canberra has coverage over Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Fiji, and 13
Pacific Island States. 

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