UNDP’s support to the Ministry of I-taukei Affairs will look at debris
and Waste Management and Community Infrastructure Rehabilitation.

It involves the procurement of power tools valued at over $114,000 for
18 localities in Lau, Kadavu and Vatulele.

This initiative will complement the thrust of the Fiji Maritime Pine
Scheme TC Harold Rehabilitation Programme in both Kadavu and Lau. The power
tools will be used by the communities in Phase 2 of the rehabilitation.

Component 2 addresses cash programming through the livelihoods Support
Programme and includes food security.

This will entail community work in village settings and will quickly provide
a source of cash income to households who have lost income or assets, to assist
them in meeting their most urgent family and community expenses. 

UNDP Pacific Office will provide cash to about 3,000 households where
the ITaukei Affairs Board in collaboration with ADRA Fiji will be undertaking
this assignment.

“UNDP’s assistance is premised on the notion that cash support
programmes can quickly provide a source of cash income to groups of people who
have lost income/assets, to assist them in meeting their most urgent family and
community expenses. Such programmes also improve the psychological outlook of
disaster-affected people, by engaging them in meaningful work which helps their
community to restore livelihoods and return to normal life, said Levan
Bouadze, UNDP Pacific Office Resident Representative.

This type of programme encourages the affected people to be part of
their rehabilitation process while also replacing in the immediate short term
their normal sources of income, and thereby reinforcing the functional
accountability and provision of basic family needs and welfare.

The provision of equipment (power tools), for rebuilding community
infrastructure, to complement the collective social capital is intended to ease
the social and economic recovery, bringing some semblance of normality to lives
and livelihoods disrupted by TC Harold.

Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs and Chief Executive Officer for
the iTaukei Affairs Board- Meleti Bainimarama says the handover marks a
refreshed and rejuvenated partnership with their institutes as they seek to
support Fiji’s communities rebuild their lives.

 “The iTaukei Affairs Board has had a long-standing collaborative partnership with the United Nations Development Program.  We have carried out development programs and implemented projects that built the capacities of our communities through a range of activities and programs that were designed to benefit our iTaukei communities,” said i-Taukei Affairs Board CEO, Meleti Bainimarama.

Through ADRA (Fiji), as well, we were able to establish and strengthen
platforms that support resilience and sustainability in our communities.  This is a vital component of ensuring that
our communities have the capacity to rise against odds and reclaim their normal
routine and prevail against catastrophes that threaten the foundations of our
socio-cultural and economic pillars that define us as a people.

Bainimarama says they look forward to the continuance and strengthening
of their partnership with UNDP to ensure that Fiji’s communities will always be
able to rise up despite the many challenges and hardships Fijians endure.

“We will continue to provide the necessary support and create
opportunities that will promote communal approaches that involve everyone – ‘no
one gets left behind’,” Bainimarama said.

This venture may be a first of its kind where they have this
collaborated effort in supplying power tools to communities. This is also where
they have the opportunity to lay the foundations of expanding into a consistent
venture in the provision of tools and appropriate training to communities to
strengthen their capacity in resilience to all forms of disasters.

The i-Taukei Affairs Board looks forward to the continuing partnership with UNDP that provides the necessary support to Fiji’s communities and  ‘no one gets left behind’.

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