Two women died  following a motor vehicle accident in Navua yesterday.

The victims were passengers in separate vehicles that were involved in a head on collision along the Queens Road near Naimelimeli, Navua yesterday afternoon.

The first victim in her 60s was travelling with three others and returning to Suva when their vehicle was hit by a car that the second victim, a woman in her 40s was travelling in.

The  second victim was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a man in his 20s and two others.

The 20year old suspect is alleged to have overtaken a number of vehicles at one time when it hit the oncoming vehicle resulting in the unfortunate accident.

The woman in her 60s died at the scene of the accident while the second victim passed away at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital last night.
The remaining passengers and drivers remain admitted at the Navua Hospital.

Investigations continue.

The national road death toll currently stands at 33 compared to 50 for the same period last year.

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