Acting Assistant Superintendent of Police (A/ASP) Anesh Kapoor and Inspector Mereani Vosakula presented their I-tatau to the Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu on Monday ahead of their departure for a tour of Duty in South Sudan under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan [UNMISS]

A/ASP Kapoor and IP Vosakula will join eighteen other officers currently serving in South Sudan.

Acting Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu in accepting their I Tatau wished the two well and reminded them of the need to maintain Fiji’s positive peacekeeping track record with the United Nations.

The Acting Commissioner also acknowledged the two officer’s families for their sacrifice and support in holding the fort while they would be away on tour.

“I see all tours as a blessing and officers must use the opportunity to ensure their families benefit from your time away from home, so you must work smart and save as much as you can as this is a golden opportunity envied by all officers”.

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