Two people have been charged for allegedly interfering with the work of police officers in Nausori last week.
The two are a 24year old woman from Kasavu and a man from Bau, and both have been charged with one count of obstruction each.
The two allegedly interfered with the work of two police officers who were in the process of arresting a man after he was found driving a vehicle with an expired wheel tax in Nausori.
Despite being asked repeatedly to hand over the keys, the driver allegedly refused and assaulted the officers whereby the two accused came to his aid thinking Police were abusing their powers when they were simply doing their job.
As they tried to restrain him he allegedly punched an officer whereby the officer used his pepper spray to subdue the suspect and keep others at arms length who were interfering with their work.
The driver has since been charged with serious assault and was produced at the Nausori Magistrates Court on 06/12/19 and was further remanded to re-appear on 10/12/19.
The other two accused will be produced at the Nausori Magistrates Court tomorrow.
Police officers have undergone training and are following a standard operating procedure for the use of pepper sprays and this was strictly followed by the two officers in Nausori, contrary to claims that they had abused their authority and attacked a suspect.


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