Two lives were claimed on our roads in separate accidents yesterday.

The first fatal accident occurred in Soqulu, Taveuni yesterday morning claiming the life of a 60year old farmer of Soqulu.

The victim was driving his vehicle down a hill when he allegedly lost control, causing it to veer off the road whereby it hit a pile of rocks on the side of the road.

Two passengers travelling with the victim sustained injuries and are admitted at the Taveuni Hospital in stable condition.In another fatal accident recorded in Lavusa, Nadi, a 40year old bowser attendant died after the vehicle he was driving veered off the road causing it to tumble several times.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon.The victim was allegedly drunk during the time of the accident.

On his way to Nadi Town the victim had picked up another man also from Lavusa.

The victim allegedly lost control of the vehicle causing it to veer off the road whereby it tumbled down a slope several times.

He was rushed to the Nadi Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The passenger travelling with the victim luckily escaped serious injuries.

Investigations continue into both cases.

The road death toll currently stands at five compared to two for the same period last year.

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