At 10am this morning, Tropical Depression TD03F was analysed at 10.0 south latitude and 175.3 east longitude or about 860km northwest of Labasa.

It is moving south-southwest at 11km/hr.

Given that the rainbands which feed onto TD03F is broad and quiet spread-out, the system is rather slow in its intensification.

It is expected to gradually intensify and will become a tropical cyclone tomorrow.

It is also expected to continue moving southwards and is anticipated to pass just west of Yasawa and Mamanuca Group from later tomorrow (refer to track below).

Even though the center of the system is expected to move closer to Fiji from tomorrow, the rain has already been experienced over Vanua Levu and the eastern part of Viti Levu.

Currently a heavy rain warning is in force for Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Northern Lau group and Yasawa group.

It will be extended to the whole of Fiji this afternoon.

Expect the winds to gradually increase from tomorrow as the system moves closer to the group.

In anticipation of this, the following warnings are currently in force,

A “Tropical Cyclone Warning” remains in force for Rotuma

A “Tropical Cyclone Alert” remains in force for Fiji

A “Gale Warning” remains in force for Rotuma

A “Heavy Rain Warning” remains in force for Vanua Levu, Taveuni and nearby smaller islands, Northern Lau Group and the Yasawa Group.

Members of the public are advised to continually update yourselves on the movement of TD03F and the associated weather which it will bring.

Know your cyclone evacuation plan. Tie down things which could be blown away by the wind.

Mariners are advised to refrain from unnecessary movement especially as the system moves closer.

For more details and the latest on weather, please contact the National Weather Forecasting Centre on 6736006, 9905376 or visit the Fiji Meteorological Service’s website,

You can also visit the Fiji Meteorological Service official Facebook page for latest updates

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