Creating a Livelihood for many rural communities that rely on the sea as a source of food to not only support their Families but Generate an Income.

This is main Focus of the International Training on Aquaculture Product Development for Fiji held this week at Colo-I-Suva Forestry.

The training has been conducted in collaboration between the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Fisheries Ministry.

Traveling all the way from Namuka in Vanua-levu is Sea-weed Farmer-Melania Mataika who has been very grateful that she was chosen to be amongst 32 Farmers chosen to be part of the Training.

Melania has been impressed on the various products they have been able to make from seaweed and sea grapes and hopes she can take back the knowledge she learnt to the women in her village.

“The training has been an eye-opener in regards to value training and processing and the by-products of seaweeds. We just know that seaweed we just bring it and sell it, but now with the training we can source more income for our livelihood by making more products and how it’s done”

Principal Fisheries Officer-Shalendra Singh says their main focus is finding alternatives for communities to generate income for their families.

Through this training, the Indonesian Government wishes to help broaden the understanding on aspects in small business and industry as well as to develop networking to support the activity.

The training was facilitated by an Indonesia Seaweed Expert who has over 25 years of experience in the field.

The many value added products include healthy organic products such as Face Masks, Lotions, Shampoos, Noodles, Candies that you can make from Seaweed and sea grapes.




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