Over 130 industry partners and stakeholders attended a webinar session on 30 April to hear about how Tourism Fiji’s teams in Greater China, India, Japan and Singapore are copying and navigating through this global pandemic.  

This the third Webinar hosted by Tourism Fiji aimed at keeping Fiji’s Tourism industry stakeholders abreast with developments from
international source markets. Built from the momentum set from the Western Market’s webinar last week, the team from Asia not only covered the impact of Covid-19 in their markets but measures in place for recovery. 

Tourism Fiji Regional Manager for Asia Ms. Kathy Koyamaibole said, “It is imperative that our industry not only understand but also  validate their
expectations of the market’s performance and how they can align with our strategy to ensure we’re on track to hit ‘play’ when things resume.”   

She adds, “Prior
to the spread of this virus, we witnessed positive annual growth consistent in the past three years. The webinars were important in providing direction and validation to Fiji’s Tourism Industry partners that are also forming their recovery approach, particularly as Asia
is forecasted to be one of the first regions to recover.” 

This webinar was a continuation from last week when Regional Managers from Australia, New Zealand, North America and UK/Europe
also hosted a similar webinar.  

Tourism Fiji Regional Manager Greater China Vincent Zhang said, “Tourism Fiji Regional Manager Greater China Vincent Zheng said, “The Webinar
was an opportunity for us to speak to industry in Fiji about the situation in China and Hong Kong market and seeing as we have a Tourism Fiji standalone office here in Shanghai, what are some of the activities we have been carrying out to keep our trade and
media partners engaged. It was a chance for us also to take questions from industry and try our best to give them answers as well as there is a lot of uncertainty right now.”  

Vincent Zheng added, “China is Fiji’s fourth largest inbound tourism source market and it’s a significant market for Fiji’s tourism industry.
We are committed to working you to navigate through these challenging times.”  

Tourism Fiji will be hosting regular webinars which will be communicated through their e-newsletter. 

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