The Ministry of Fisheries is adamant in growing the aquaculture sector in the country to boost food security.

The ministry, this afternoon has acquired the services of Mr. Maleli Dawai who spent around 30 years of his life at the Naduruloulou Research Station in the Central Division.

Mr. Dawai will carry out consultancy work and will be assisting and training around four officers on Grass carp broodstock management and Grass carp fingerling hatchery production.

During his contract signing, Acting Permanent Secretary for Fisheries, Mr. Pene Baleinabuli said that many Fijians will benefit from the work that will be carried out by Mr. Dawai.

“We sign this contract with great hope for tangible outcomes especially in the difficult times ahead as we try and work out ways in helping the people of Fiji obtain food security,” said Mr. Baleinabuli.

“Most importantly, the transfer of knowledge is the most important aspect of the work that will be carried out and you will play a crucial role in training our officers so that they are better equipped to train other officers around the country.”

Mr. Dawai will carry out Grass carp Hatchery Training to the hatchery staff and will take them through the process where grass carp broodstock are induced to produce eggs, undergo spawning, fertilisation and finally, it’s hatching process.

It is expected that at the end of his three months contract, 50,000 Grass carp fingerlings will be distributed to farmers around the country.

Grass carp is not only a food security and livelihood commodity but is also a biological weed control for our freshwater river systems.

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