Three people are in custody for separate attacks against Police officers in the last 24hours.

The latest incident occurred after 3 am this morning whereby a man entered the Cunningham Community Post and attacked the Police Constable on duty with an axe.

He is currently in custody at the Valelevu Police Station.

The Police Constable was unharmed during the incident.

Police confirmed that in the second incident a 52year old taxi driver from Oloolo in Sigatoka was taken into custody for allegedly threatening a Police Officer who was conducting a booking for illegal parking along Duabale Road in Sigatoka.

The Police Constable saw the suspect’s taxi allegedly parked illegally and while in the process of issuing a ticket, he allegedly out of frustration uttered the words to the effect that the killing of the Police officer in Lautoka can also happen to the officer in Sigatoka and that he better watch out.

The taxi driver was arrested on the scene and taken into custody.

In a third incident, a 29year old man residing at Vuci Road is in custody at the Nakasi Police Station for allegedly assaulting an officer during an arrest.

The suspect was brought in to the Station for an alleged case of drugs and had tried to escape while being searched but was stopped by the Police Constable.

In the process, the suspect allegedly assaulted the officer causing injuries to his face.

The Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said continued attacks on Police officers will not be condoned and the organization is not going to take the matter lightly.

If you want to do the crime then be man enough to face the consequences”.

“Threatening the lives of any of our officers who are executing their duties will not be taken lightly”.

The Acting Commissioner said it was fortunate that no officer was seriously injured or worse killed, as this is the reality of policing where officers are risking their lives every day and night.

“If you’re not happy with the conduct of any of our officers let us know, but if you break the law, don’t take your frustrations out by threatening to kill them just because they’re doing their job which is to enforce the law,” he said.

Tudravu said that police have faced situations recently where communities have rallied together to protect those who have attacked police officers and that they will not hesitate to arrest those who are perverting the course of justice.

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