The nationwide New Year’s Eve operations ended on a fairly quiet note and we extend our appreciation to the public for their support and adhering to the advisories issued on the need to enjoy responsibly.

However,   a woman and two men who could not handle their alcohol and are now in custody after allegedly assaulting two police officers in two separate cases.

The first case was reported in Nadi whereby an officer was allegedly assaulted by a 35year old man residing in Vunivivi, Nausori.

The officer was deployed to the nightclub with others to respond to a report of causing trouble when the incident allegedly occurred.

The second incident occurred before midnight along Victoria Parade.

The officer was attending to a report of youths causing trouble when he was confronted by the suspect and his wife where they allegedly obstructed the officers.

The suspect allegedly assaulted the officer while his wife swore and threatened other officers.

Both are in custody at the Totogo Police Station.

Despite these two serious assault cases, we must commend members of the public on heeding the call made by authorities to enjoy themselves responsibly whereby we were all able to welcome 2020 without any major incidents.

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