Three men were arrested from Raiwai after they threatened and threw beer bottles at Police Officers attending to a report of excessive noise early this morning.

Raiwaqa Police had received a call after 2am regarding excessive noise at Madams Place in Raiwai whereby officers responded to the call.

After arriving at the scene the three youths allegedly threw bottles at the police officers whereby back up was called and officers from other Units were deployed to the scene.

The three were arrested and taken into custody at the Raiwaqa Police Station where they are currently being questioned.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Abdul Khan is again calling on members of the public to drink responsibly and stop the attacks on Police as it can impact service delivery if an officer is injured or resources are damaged.

This past week there has been a number of reports where Police vehicles were thrown at and Police officers assaulted and the common factor in the attacks was alcohol.

ACP Khan says necessary resources and manpower will be deployed to apprehend those involved in such attacks.

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