Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s head coach Saiasi Fuli explain how this
difficult time creates a perfect opportunity for him to re-live basic
lifestyles, an aspect which he said many have forgotten about, being
carried away by other obligations in our everyday life.

Somehow this Covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to focus our attention
and energy on the most important aspect of our lives, which is looking
after ourselves and of course our families without worrying too much
about work-related issues or other factors.

Fuli emphasised how this downtime can mean a lot to families and
individuals if taken the right approach to time spend together at home.
These are areas we’re not much drawn in to before the pandemic began, as
work and other obligations took up our time.

“This Pandemic helps us to go back to basic lifestyle, first we need to manage ourselves and our family on a daily basis.”

“I fully believe that starting from yourself, you need to manage
yourself well, look after yourself, look after what you eat, manage your
time well, and you go on from there.”

Fuli said once everything will be back to normal, we will realize then how crucial this time was for us and our family, what kind of foundation we have laid out and how the isolation period have changed our approach to everyday life.


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