Policing is a way of life and all Police officers need to be thinking about their responsibilities at all times as we cannot afford to let our guard down.

A reminder issued by the Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho to officers while officially opening the eleven week Basic Recruits Ttraining for former Special Constables at the Fiji Police Academy in Nasova.

The Commissioner emphasized the need for officers to dedicate their entire being to their role as Police officers and understand that Policing is not a profession but a calling.

Speaking about the escape of the remand prisoners in the Western Division, the head of the Force said the poor conduct of a few officers for their failure to properly execute their duties has tarnished the image of the Force.

Brig-General Qiliho said as serving members of the Force, they already have a fair idea of what policing is about, however as new recruits they need to use this opportunity to better understand their role and responsibilities.

The internal recruitment process is aimed at training members of the Special Constabulary as most had been recruited into the Force without undergoing the Basic Recruits Course.

This training is part of the restructure plan of phasing out the Special Constabulary in line with the Commissioner’s intent of training all members of the Fiji Police Force.

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