Certain actors in the beauty industry are spawning ugliness in it with their questionable products and practices.

This is the sentiment shared by many who frequent beauty salons
around the country.

Damaged hair, hair loss, burns and in-effective treatments continues to rife in the industry with salons showing no sign of improving their services. Cases of using products with foreign labelling has also surfaced putting the health and safety of Fijians in jeopardy.

The Consumer Council of Fiji is extremely concerned with the standard of service delivery and shoddy practices by some of the operators in the industry and has called for an immediate improvement in service delivery and good practices. Council Chief Executive Ms. Seema
Shandil says that Fijian consumers spend hundreds of dollars at these salons however, the level and quality of services which is rendered is not worth the hard-earned money of the Fijian people.

“Not only does some of these beauty salons provide low quality service but to our disbelief, they end up compromising the health of their customers with their slapdash practices,” said Ms. Shandil.

The Council has also been alerted of cases where hair dressers were using expired products and had tampered with use-by dates.
“This is a blatant disregard for consumer health and safety. We’ve said this time and time again,
consumers give good money and deserve quality products and service. They do not deserve to
be duped by those seeking to make a quick buck by using expired products. The Council will
continue to monitor these businesses and will not hesitate to call them out if they are engaging
in such notorious practices,” said Ms Shandil.
The Chief Executive has also called on Fijian consumers to arm themselves with necessary
information prior to visiting hair and beauty salons through online research, watching videos
of the procedures, checking for expiry dates, ingredients, manufacturer details, and
directions/instructions for use.

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