The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Honourable Rosy Akbar has urged women to prioritize their goals in life and formulate strategies to achieve them.

Hon Akbar made these
comments while speaking at the Successful Leaders in Conversation Series
organised by the Fiji National University (FNU) at Nasinu Campus today. This
event also marked the International Women’s Day with reflections on female

During the interactive
two-hour session, the Minister shared her personal and professional experiences
and challenges that gradually moulded her into the leader she has become today.

Hon Akbar stressed that
the path to leadership was not easy, however, it was achievable through
perseverance and the ability to enjoy what one does.

“I think that’s the
secret to success. Enjoy who you are, no matter what position you are in, what
socioeconomic status you would generally belong to or what struggles you go
through,” said the Minister.

“Be true and genuine to
yourself and understand what you aspire to achieve. It [being a leader] takes
away so much out of you and it even takes a toll on your health, family and private
space and this is where having balance is really important.”

“Without balance, the
leadership journey becomes extremely painful and difficult. This is where you
need to have those priorities so you are able to balance your private and work

Hon Akbar said it was
important for people to remain focused on achieving set goals.

“This will be your
individual choice and you need to identify what your strengths are. With these
identified, you then need to consider what opportunities are there for you to
capitalize on in order to fulfil your long term goals.”

Hon Akbar urged
participants to create opportunities for themselves and never give up when
faced with challenges.

Learning from past
experiences and stepping into the future with renewed energy, new visions and
goals, according to the Minister, is an important lesson for everyone.

“We don’t give up. This
is the most important as many times we think it is the end of the world. This
is not going to take you anywhere as the real essence of living life is getting
up stronger by learning from the experiences that you go through in life.”

“My life is shaped by the
experiences that I have gone through. I don’t regret any experience that I have

“There are certain things
beyond your control but when you keep control of things that are within your
means – you can control a lot of things in your life. Step back, analyse the
situation and move forward.”

“When you let the past
haunt you, you are not going to step into the future with a positive mindset,”
Hon Akbar added.

More than 100 people
including students, staff and guests attended the Successful Leaders in
Conversation Series at Nasinu Campus.

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