Roy’s favourite pastime while growing up was running an imaginary car repair
centre complete with toy cars and pretend customers. His interest in the field
had originated from watching his father and grandfather, both of whom were
mechanics.  So, it came as no surprise to his parents when he decided to
pursue a career in the automotive mechanical field.

was born and raised in Wairabetia, Lautoka where he lived with his parents and
a younger sister. His father works in the mechanical field while his mother is
a homemaker. He attained his primary education from Wairabetia Muslim Primary
School and his secondary education from Pandit Vishnu Deo Memorial College.

completing high school in 2015, he enrolled in the Heavy Automotive Training Programme
at the Fiji National University’s (FNU) National Training and Productivity
Centre (NPTC) which consisted of 24 modules. After completing the relevant
modules, Roy joined  Niranjans Autoport Limited in Lautoka to gain some
work experience.

decided to get some work experience, so I applied for an attachment at
Niranjans Autoport Limited and was lucky to be offered a place. While working
here, I was told about the apprenticeship scheme and I was happy to be given
this (apprenticeship) opportunity,” he said.

Autoport Limited sponsored the apprenticeship scheme. Under this scheme,
companies send selected apprentices for theory classes at NTPC and allow them
to do the practical work at the company. The company would then provide
fulltime employment to the apprentice once they have graduated.

completed 24 units under the apprenticeship scheme and graduated with a
Certificate IV in Automotive Engineering in 2019. He was also given two awards
at the graduation ceremony: Best Apprentice Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV)
Mechanic award and the Overall Best Apprentice 2019. As part of the prize, he
was also given a return ticket to New Zealand.

was thrilled to receive two major awards out of 81 graduates. I have worked
hard and always aimed to make my parents proud, and I am so happy that I was
able to do that,” he said.

am thankful to my employer, Niranjans, for their support and the opportunity
they provided. Without it, I would not have been able to achieve success. I am
also grateful to my parents for their everlasting support with everything that
I do,” he added.

graduation, Roy was made a full-time employee at Niranjans Autoport Limited.
Currently, he is the Acting Garage Foreman at Niranjans Autoport Limited.

job involves allocating tasks to staff, overseeing the operations in the
garage, improving customer service, assisting technicians, and, diagnosing
problems and/or faults in the vehicles. I also get to learn on the job from
experienced staff,” said Roy.

enjoy my work because I am doing what I love. I feel everyone should do what
they love so that they are happy in their work and they excel. There will also
be less stress; therefore, less health and relationship issues,” he added.

his top three tips for graduates starting in their career, he said, “be sure of
what you want to do, career-wise, have a positive mindset towards learning and
aim high, never feel uncomfortable to ask what you do not know, asking is

advice to current and future students of FNU is to gain knowledge through
studies by working hard and having a positive approach towards learning.

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