Fjian consumers are encouraged to demand receipts if a trader fails to issue one, as traders and service providers are obligated to issue proper receipts to consumers upon any purchase.

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) is urging traders to comply with section 7 of the Value-added Tax Decree Regulations 1991 and section 56 (1) of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission and Counter Inflation (Issue of Tax Invoices by Trader) Order 1998.

Receipts are a requirement as per Regulation (7) of the Value Added Tax Regulations 1991, which states: “Notwithstanding consideration in money for a supply does not exceed ten dollars such amount as the Minister may from time to time, by Legal Notice declare.”

For goods and services above $10, retailers or service providers are required by law to issue receipts to consumers.

For any purchase below the sum of $10, a consumer has a right to demand a receipt if it is not provided.

FCCC strongly encourages consumers to be vigilant and demand receipts as receipts are your best evidence when lodging a complaint and seeking redress.

It is the responsibility of consumers to organize themselves when it comes to proper filing of their receipts. There will be many receipts in a day per family, so consumers have to take the initiative of preserving this crucial information.

Receipts are a proof of purchase that contains all important information which contains the particulars of your purchases. The particulars in the receipt consist of:
• The invoice/receipt number • The place of purchase • The descriptions and cost of all items • Date and time they were purchased • The cashier or salesperson who served the consumer • The total amount that was paid for the goods and services including any discounts

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