The great sea reef or the baikeiviti is home to a diverse marine life and has been a source of food security for more than 70 thousand people in 12 districts.

This was revealed by Margaret Vakalalabure during the High Level Panel on a Sustainable Ocean earlier this week

FLMMA Coordinator Margaret Vakalalabure said that Fiji is the hub of the pacific and takes the lead role in implementing and enforcing activities that supports marine protected areas.

Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area or FLMMA works to promote and encourage the preservation, protection and sustainable use of marine resources in Fiji by the owners of marine resources.

A Biological Survey conducted on the great sea reef in 2004 by WWF found the reef to have approximately 55% of the known coral reef fish in Fiji 74% of the known corals found in Fiji and a total of 40% of all the known marine flora and fauna in the Fiji Islands.

In addition 117 species of sponges, 31 species of coelenterate and 12 species of ascidian were collected. The number of species recorded was the highest of any other reef area in Fiji.

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