The Territorial Force (TF) Brigade concluded their three weeks Pre-draft training for deployment to Sinai, Egypt this week around the Suva vicinity. The vigorous refresher training included basic military skills which are conducted for TF soldiers before the pre-deployment training commences at the Black Rock Peacekeeping School.

Brigade Sergeant Major TF Brigade Warrant-Officer Class 1 Samisoni Ratoa said the candidates are potential TF personnel who will be selected for a one year tour of duty to Multination Force Observers in Sinai Egypt this year. WO1 Ratoa also mentioned that there are a total of 51 personnel including two females who will be leaving our shores after the preparation phase has concluded.

“These TF candidates are selected from the TF cadre and have passed the first phase of selection through strict vetting, from this selected ones only a few will year mark for a tour of duty to MFO Sinai. Included in the training are females to who have also undergone what they male’s counterpart do in all aspects of training and exercise to help them in the pre-deployment training in Nadi at the end of the month.” WO1 Ratoa said.

“We are now on the final stages of the training and is finishing off with a mini-skills competition in the last few days. They started with a route march on battle order from FTG and Cola I Suva area, Delainakobalevu Mountain, Delainavesi, Tamavua Wai and now concluded here today at Vatuwaqa, shooting range. Along the route, they were stands erected to test the trainee’s basic Military skills that they have been training in the last two weeks.” WO1 Ratoa added.

The mission of the MFO is to supervise the implementation of the security provisions of the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace and employ best efforts to prevent any violation of its terms. Article II of Annex I to the Treaty of Peace establishes four security zones, three in Sinai Egypt and one in Israel along the international border. Limitations on military forces and equipment within each zone are stipulated in Annex I to the Treaty.

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