A newly constructed foot-crossing bridge and the 10th Hop-Skip & Jump project to be completed was commissioned in Nakorovou Village in Serua yesterday.

More than 25 households and over 150 villagers of Nakorovou Village are expected to benefit from this 10th Hop-Skip & Jump and 52-foot crossing project as it would ease and improve accessibility for the villagers.

Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment, Dr. Mahendra Reddy, while commissioning the foot-crossing bridge, said such initiative is a national priority for the Government.

“The aim is to assist communities and villagers with basic needs and infrastructure to improve living standards and quality of life in the Rural and Maritime sector,” Minister Reddy said.

He further reiterated the need for villagers to safeguard their environment and refrain from the careless disposal of rubbish especially in the waterways which contribute to flooding during a heavy downpour.

The Hop-Skip & Jump project was launched in late September 2019 and marks the Government’s commitment towards the development of rural and maritime communities by bridging the development gap between rural and urban areas through the provision of the foot crossing to vulnerable communities.

A total of 10 foot-crossing bridges has been completed and has benefited close to 1,500 Fijians including women and children for easy access farms, schools, towns, health service and etc.

The project is being carried out in partnership with the communities and villagers with the latter providing labour while the Ministry of Waterways and Environment has supplied materials, labour and qualified engineers for the construction.

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