The Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) has directed all
fishing vessels, local and foreign, to follow set protocols and discontinue any
crew changes on high seas or at any port visited.

FPCL has met with local and foreign fishing vessel owners
and agents on 16 March 2020, informing them that all transfer and change of
crew members has been suspended until further notice.

The FPCL, will monitor the fishing vessels and its crew
detail. All fishing vessel operators are required to provide vessel and crew
details to the Harbour Master prior to arrival.

The verification of information will be conducted by Harbour
Master in conjunction with other stakeholders, that is, Ministry of Health and
Medical Services (MHMS), Fiji Revenue and Customs Services, Department of
Immigration and Biosecurity Authority of Fiji, to name a few. 

MHMS will board the vessel, thereafter to give clearance,
whilst other stakeholders will proceed for inspections and approval for vessel
to dock.

Shipping agents and owners are required to submit to FPCL,
the list of fishing vessels, crew details and updated health status. The data
will be maintained in a database and will continually be monitored by the
Harbour Master’s Office.

FPCL has a duty of care to its staff and stakeholders. Since
January 2020, FPCL has been taking proactive measures to combat against the
COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to ensure the wellbeing of its staff and

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