The Fiji Roads Authority has plans to rehabilitate major roads in the Suva, over the next 18 months.

With road conditions becoming a matter of concern, FRA CEO Jonathan Moore says temporarily fixing and patching potholes is not a solution anymore.

Every year, FRA spends more than 10 million dollars on potholes repairs alone.

The deteriorating state of roads in the Central division is a risk to motorists.

Moore says due to the constant wet weather they have had to slow down their road rehabilitation project.

“We are providing more economical and sustainable road maintenance treatments to many sections of the roads that are in a poor state of repair.”

FRA will continue with its ‘rehabilitate, not repair’ approach to the roads and, in spite of what is a budgetary challenging year, they will be carrying out this work throughout Fiji.

Over the next few weeks, FRA will continue rehabilitation works on selected sections at Princess Road, Fletcher Road, Nabua commercial area, Waimanu Road among others.

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