Telecom customers can now enjoy an uninterrupted internet experience with Telecom’s new broadband plan with no data cap.

This comes during a time when many Fijians are on lockdown at home and need high speed and reliable internet connectivity, whether they are working from home and doing online web conferencing, watching movies on Netflix and Amazon, playing video games, or watching the
news and sharing updates with their friends and families on social media.

“These are challenging times and many responsible Fijians are following Government instructions and staying at home to stop the spread of COVID-19 in communities, and we want to reward our customers with Fiji’s first-ever unlimited broadband plan to make their homestay more enjoyable,” said Telecom CEO, Charles Goundar.

“We want to encourage people to follow all precautionary measures, in particular, practicing physical social distancing, while remaining digitally connected.”

“For our customers, we want to provide this first time ever, unbeatable broadband plan where they will not have to worry about running out of data while participating in an online conference call, or watching their favorite movie or series on Netflix.

And as with all our plans, there are no peak or off-peak limitations.”
The unlimited plan will be available across ADSL, VDSL, and Fibre and costs $199 a month.

Existing customers on the $199 broadband plan will automatically get this new offer from 1 May, while customers on other broadband plans can easily upgrade to this plan by a simple 1-click process through our website and social media pages.

“Telecom is also doing its part to assist our hardworking health, security, and other front-line
officials in combatting COVID-19, and we urge everyone to follow all safety protocols to
safeguard themselves and their families,” said Mr Goundar.
“We anticipate a high volume of data usage during this period, and our engineers are
monitoring the network and systems closely to ensure that our loyal customers continue to
get superior quality of broadband experience they are accustomed to.”
“In terms of Telecom’s response to the pandemic, we have activated our Pandemic
Management & Response Plan as part of our Business Continuity Plan. The challenge we
have, being an essential services provider, is to ensure that we remain operational to fulfill
our obligations,” said Mr Goundar.
“This includes attending to requests from other essential service providers, emergency
services, and generally all our other customers, while at the same time taking all
precautionary measures to ensure safety and wellbeing for all staff and their families.”
Mr Goundar said that Telecom has set up hygiene protocols, such as the use of facemasks,
hand sanitiser, and other personal protective equipment where necessary and required, and
practice social distancing at all our work locations.
“Additionally, our customers, when visiting any of our centers will also be required to show
that they have the careFIJI app installed and operational on their phones, and if unavailable, will be required to manually register their details with our COVID-19 Response team. We
take this very seriously and urge others to do the same.”
Telecom has also partnered with the Fiji Police Force during these challenging times and set
up their very first Call Center to receive incoming emergency calls from 917.
“We are thankful to all officials involved in the frontlines of this battle against COVID-19 such
as the Fiji Police Force for their hard work during this time of crisis and we are happy to
provide our assistance and support,” Mr Goundar said.
Customers can sign up for the new unlimited plan at

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