Fiji’s Online Chess Team managed to win the final two rounds of the Global Chess League Season 1 Stage 5 as organized by England-based Peter Hornsby, Director of 2020 Chess.

In the match against Victor Goh captained Australian Chess League United B, Candidate Masters Manoj Kumar and CM Goru Arvind held off their opponents Josh Mcleod and Haran Salasan to a 1 ALL draw on Board 1 and Board 3.

A strong fightback by Avinesh Nadan of Nadi on Board 2 put Fiji into winning position as he outwitted Naveen Amendra 2-0.

Wins registered by Rudr Prasad on Board 4 and Aarti Sewak on Board 5 allowed Fiji to win 8-2.

States President Hilda Kunau says that Fiji despite being one of the smallest chess playing nations in the world, rank 35 is a very respectful debut.

Australian Chess League United C retaliated well, whereby Board 2 Avinesh Nadan and Board 5 Aarti Sewak were held off to a 1-1 draw by Max Hu and Sithu Niang.

Board 4 Rudr Prasad of Jai Narayan College added icing to the cake as he beat Nathan Cheng 1.5 – 0.5 to guide Fiji into a convincing 7.5 – 2.5 win.

The next online match for Fiji’s Online reps is scheduled for Saturday August 22nd.

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