The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts wishes is advising all School Heads, Management and Staff that all teachers are to report to school from 29 June 2020.

The Ministry has issued MEHA Circular 9/2020 on the reopening of schools for Year 12 and 13 students following the announcement by the Honourable Prime Minister on Sunday 21 June, 2020.

It is mandatory for Heads of Schools to adhere to the circular and not force teachers to report before 29 June.

Minister Akbar reminds School Heads to exercise discretion where teachers are travelling to maritime schools due to irregular transportation schedule.

Minister Akbar also urges Heads of Schools to abide by MEHA Circular 9/2020 and to prepare their schools to welcome Years 12 and 13 on the 30 June and the remaining students on 6 July 2020.

These are challenging times and parental support is essential to ensure children are encouraged to return to school.

The Ministry has realigned the curriculum and teachers are mandated to simplify their teaching and learning materials for the delivery of lessons.

Minister Akbar strongly reiterates that no students will be assessed immediately upon their return to school. Students must be given ample time to settle in considering the current circumstances.

All Heads of schools and teachers must ensure that the worksheets were only supplementary resources and no child must be demanded upon return to produce completed worksheets. Heads of schools must ensure that this is strictly adhered to.

Minister Akbar thanks Heads of Schools, teachers and parents for their support during the school closure and for ensuring that the students are thoroughly engaged in home-based learning.

Students are encouraged to continue practising all safety and hygiene measures in place as they prepare for the journey back to school.

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