Taxi Drivers  must issue a properly constituted receipt upon request by a customer with the name of the taxi operator,contact details,drivers name,day, date and time of the journey and the fare paid.

Land Transport Authority CEO-Samuel Simpson says taxi drivers, taxi receipts must be given to passengers for the journey taken and is part of an important Public Service Vehicles regulation.

He says taxi drivers not issuing taxi receipt to passengers are committing an offence and will be issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice by LTA.

LTA informs customers of having ever right to request a receipt from the taxi driver for the journey taken and if receipt is not given LTA urges you to report the matter to LTA by texting on 582 with the details of the taxi which includes taxi number, date and time, and drivers name.

And drivers must at all times wear formal wear, Flip flops and slippers are all prohibited.

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