Since IndependenceBusiness houses in #Tavua and #Rakiraki were recognised for their contribution towards the economy and the nation as they were awarded certificates of appreciation at Khatriya Hall, Tavua on Sunday.

At the event, Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development Hon. Premila Kumar said the event was to honour the pioneering business leaders of Tavua and Rakiraki for their vision and commitment over the last 50 years.

“They have rendered great service to their respective towns. They have seen Rakiraki and Tavua grow and they have played a significant role in this growth.”

“The economic life of our towns is a cause for celebration – it brings sustainable livelihoods to families and provides the vital goods and services that are needed to attract residents, and other businesses, to stay and make each town their home.”

Minister Kumar added that as #Fijians continue to celebrate #Fiji’s 50th year of independence, we should remember that a nation is not built in a day or a decade or even a century. It is refined and reformed, as we move forward with developments.

“Truly great nations confront their past injustices, reform laws that need to be changed, innovate and improve the way they do things.”

“Great nations always strive to live up to the ideals that will realize the true potential of their citizens and their country. Truly great nations understand that independence is just the first step on a long journey. And we have been on the journey for the last 50 years.”

Minister Kumar commended Tavua for being a vibrant and growing town where it continues to see changes and currently the town has 287 ratepayers with a population of 23,000. #TeamFiji#FijiNews#FijianGovernment

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