Nineteen-year-old Emele Vakavuvu had to make a difficult but important decision to step out of her comfort zone to pursue a career in the teaching profession.

Leaving her parents behind in Taveuni, Vakavuvu relocated to Lautoka last month to enrol in the programme Bachelor of Education (Secondary) majoring in English and Geography at the Fiji National University’s (FNU) College of Humanities and Education (CHE).

“It was not easy for me to make this move. While I have two elder siblings studying in Viti Levu, who assisted me with the enrolment process and the re-location, I still feel the pain of not being able to see my parents daily,” said Vakavuvu.

“This, however, is a good learning opportunity for me of becoming more independent and I look forward to uni-life.”Vakavuvu is eager to make new friends and exploring the city life.

However, she remains grounded and knows that studies take precedence over social life.

The island girl opted for a teaching career as according to her, teachers are great influencers in the lives of students.

“Off-course many choose to become a teacher to make a difference in the lives of students. I believe I can achieve this by being more than just an educator – when I start teaching, I want to be a mentor and a friend to my students.”

“This is the type of teacher I want to be and I strongly believe FNU is the best institution in the country to mould me in this direction.”Vakavuvu hopes to return to Taveuni after completing her studies.

“I would love to go back and live with my parents and teach my island kids if given a chance after graduation,” she added.

The Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in English and Geography is one of more than 40 programmes offered by FNU’s College of Humanities and Education.

Prospective students can visit our Enrolment Booth at MHCC in Suva or a campus near you for enquiries, applications, and enrolment. Interested students can also visit our website on for programme information and entry requirements. Enrolment for Semester 1 is underway.

Students who have received their Offer Letter can complete their enrolment process online or visit the nearest FNU campus.

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