A charitable trust championing Pacific art and artists in Oceania has now expanded their premises to include the first Pacific art gallery in New Zealand.

Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust was formed in the 1980s by leading Samoan artist Fatu Feu’u, and with his peers they came together with a shared goal to support and promote Pacific visual artists.

In the years since, Tautai has grown to become New Zealand’s premiere Pacific arts organisation with a multidisciplinary focus.

Tautai has been an office space for the last 34 years and this month has made history as there is no other space like this in New Zealand dedicated to showcasing the works of contemporary Pacific creatives all year round.
In addition, Tautai’s full programme of activities and events include live-streamed artist talks and performances, a brand-new international strategy, workshops, internships and partnership initiatives that encourage growth in the sector.

Director of Tautai Courtney Sina Meredith said the main gallery space will also be a multi-purpose room.

“I would love to host screenings, poetry readings, dance rehearsals, a lot of creative works of different forms in the gallery,” she said.

The art gallery expands to a back room, which Ms Meredith describes as a “whānau space, where people can come together, talanoa and eat, as there is also a kitchenette.”

She said there are big plans for one section of the art gallery to become a community arts hub.

“In the next six months, we will be developing the hub and that’s where people can work on different projects, have meetings and come together and just think into the future.


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