Suva area starting from the Delainavesi Bridge on the Queen’s Road, the Sawani Junction, and the Nausori Bridge will be on lockdown for a period of 14 days starting from 5am tomorrow morning.

Within the greater Suva confined area:

➡️The greater public will not be allowed in or out, only those travelling for medical purposes will be allowed through checkpoints.

➡️All non-essential businesses will be closed.

➡️Supermarkets and shops selling food will remain open.

➡️Restaurants can remain open, so long as they cut seating capacity below 20 people, practice safe physical distancing between tables and at queues, and must focus on takeaway and delivery orders.

➡️Banks will remain open so that people can get money.

➡️Pharmacies will remain open so that people can get medicine.

➡️FNPF will remain open so that people can access funds.

➡️Markets will remain open.

➡️Given some Fijians need to seek specialised treatment at facilities in Suva, the checkpoints will allow these individuals who need to undergo surgery or receive kidney dialysis treatment.

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