Investigations are currently underway on suspected sabotage on Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) systems after signs of deliberate damage were found on WAF pumps causing major water cuts in many parts of Fiji.

Last month, WAF investigation teams inspecting the pumps
that send water from Tacirua to Dokanisuva reservoir found that shafts had been
prevented from closing due to suspected sabotage. Other areas around Fiji are
also being investigated. 

“At this stage, the signs strongly point to sabotage and it
is quite sad that so many Fijians had to suffer because of the actions of a few
people,” said WAF CEO, Mr Barry Omundson.

“The suspected sabotage made an already dire situation worse
with water levels being low due to weather patterns induced by our current climatic
conditions, induced by climate change.”

The investigation team’s report is being handed over to the
Fiji Police Force for further action.

“In the meantime, we are implementing strategies such as
tighter security measures to protect our assets and our teams continue to work
around the clock to supply water to Fijians,” Mr Omundson said.

“We, of course, are aware that work
needs to be done in many areas and we are currently undertaking several
exercises to improve the authority, in particular, the work and people
culture.” Customers can call 5777 for any queries or if they wish to report an

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