When it comes to growing cane, my Government knows where our support matters most.

We have guaranteed a price of $85 per tonne and despite what some people may be telling you, that full payment will be paid to our growers by the close of the season, as promised.

We are also easing your cost burden by subsidising fertilizer and weedicide. We are upgrading cane access roads, we are covering cane cartage costs, and investing in mechanisation and we have built better and more productive mills.

This was the reassurance made by the Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama while officiating at the Growers Field Day in Nadi today.

“We are providing cane planting grants and we are providing technical expertise to landowners who pursue cane cultivation,” Prime Minister Bainimarama added.

“We have shown unprecedented level of commitment but at the end of the day, it is growers who plant and harvest the cane. Your sweat and effort sustain this Industry and so as our lorry drivers, our mill operators, our FSC staff, and our sugar researchers. “Government’s role is to create the right conditions for the Industry to thrive.

By working hard together, we do more than help ourselves, we help our country, our economy, and our fellow Fijians. “Through thick and thin, your Government’s ears are always open to your challenges.”

The Prime Minister also commended members of the landowning unit at the Tokatoka Sautorotoro Trust Farm for successfully engaging in a joint venture with the Fiji Sugar Corporation. The landowning unit has managed to plant cane in about 15 hectares with a cane tonnage of 1,600 expected to be harvested this year.

Meanwhile, the Fijian Government is providing steady flow of support to sustain the Sugar Industry.

The Ministry of Sugar Industry, with the assistance of the sugar industry institutions, will implement seven capital programs valued at $50.9milion in the 2020-2021 financial year.

The seven programs are aimed at further assisting farmers to advance cane production. The programs are Cane Access Road, Sugarcane Development and Farmers’ Assistance, Sugar Stabilisation Fund, New Farmers Assistance Scheme, Fertiliser Subsidy, Weedicide Subsidy and Cane Cartage.

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