The Supervisor of Elections, has this afternoon, referred the Leader of Opposition to the Speaker of Parliament for statements that were made in the media release by the Leader of Opposition on 12 February 2020.

In the statement, the Leader of Opposition had personally attacked Mr Saneem instead of directing comments on the office held by Mr Saneem.

The press statement is riddled with attacks personally directed at Mr Saneem including various unsubstantiated allegations.

In referring the matter to the Hon. Speaker, Mr Saneem said he was rather surprised yet saddened by the unbecoming behaviour of the Leader of Opposition, a person who is holding an elected office in Parliament and who has chosen to attack a constitutional office holder personally, instead of tackling matters and issues at hand.

“It is also rather appalling that the Leader of Opposition has chosen to use derogatory words as well as personal vilification in his release, tantamount to an outburst, whereas it is generally expected of his Office to maintain a very high level of décor and professionalism,” Mr Saneem said.

Mr Saneem also pointed out that neither the Leader of Opposition nor the Party have directly approached the Fijian Elections Office seeking information or particulars prior to the media release. The release itself appears to be generated from information from secondary sources and social media.

The Fijian Elections Office as well as the office of the Supervisor of Elections remain open to any enquiries that political parties may have, however, Mr Saneem highlights that it is rather bizarre for one of the highest offices in the land to resort to such derogatory tactics as well as personalization of matters which could rather be dealt with in a very professional and formal manner.

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