The Fiji National University is encouraging all students who have applied for placements to visit the nearest Campus to have their enrolment forms processed and places secured for the new academic year.

FNU’s Director Marketing and Communication Jenies Mudiliar-Nath said while there has been a notable increase in the number of students visiting Campuses and Roadshow teams across the country, there is always a trend for some to leave enrolment confirmation to the final week.

“There are some requirements as part of the enrolment process and it’s better to have this sorted now rather than later which may lead to students sometimes missing out on Orientation Week, which is important as it provides students essential academic information and support services available on campus.”

Following is the step by step process that students should follow to successfully enrol into their chosen programme:

  • Please log on to and browse through the list of Programmes and related information.
  1. APPLY
  • You can start your application to enrol for 2020 through online application from admissions link at or lodging a manual application.
  • Complete all steps on the manual or online form.
  • Select your programme by referring to online programme information.
  • Some degrees require specific mark threshold or have a limited number of places available. 

Note: Placement for quota based programmes will be awarded on meeting the mark threshold for the programme of First Choice.

Placement for open programmes will be awarded on meeting the Minimum Entry Requirement.

  • Submit the Application after reviewing the Student Declaration.
  • Once you have applied to enrol, your application will be received by staff at Student Academic Services.
  • If Minimum Entry Requirement is met then you will be provided with an Offer Letter.
  • Read the Offer Letter for important information regarding your offer and acceptance.
  • To become fully enrolled, you need to accept the offer.
  • Register for courses according to programme structure.
  • Get an Invoice from Finance Office.
  • Pay the enrolment fees according to details in the Invoice.
  • Get a validated ID Card  from Student Academic Services Office at a Local Campus 

Application Check List

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Secondary School Result(s)
  • Copy of Bio data page of passport (for Region / International applicant)
  • Tertiary Qualification Result(s) (if applicable)
  • Letter from Employer and Curriculum Vitae (CV) (if applicable)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) Letter/FRCA Card 


All students are required to pay the FNU Enrolment Fee of $53.00 plus the following fees for the Fiji National University Students’ Association (FNUSA):

  1. Students enrolling in Semester programmes will pay $25.00 per semester
  2. Trimester Students will pay $16.70 per Trimester
  3. Quarter Students will pay $12.50 per Quarter.


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