A stepfather has been found guilty of digital rape of his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

The man raped his step-daughter while they were in a river in February 2019.

Relating the alleged incident, the complainant told the court that her step-father took her and her two other younger siblings for a swim in a river.

While they were at the river a couple known to them arrived and brought them some food.

When the couple had left, the accused pulled the complainant into deeper water to give a swimming lesson.

While he was taking her into the deeper water he told her that he was going to touch her. She was wearing tights on the day. She started crying and he told her not to let him go or she will drown.

He told her not to complain to her mother when they returned home. She later told her mother about the incident when her mother questioned her.

The complainant’s mother gave evidence that she came to know about the river incident after she returned home one day and found the accused acting strangely.

When the accused left home, the mother questioned the complainant and after some prodding the complainant revealed the incident in the river.

Justice Daniel Gounder said the act was intentional as the accused told the complainant that he was going to touch her private parts while pulling her into the water.

Accordingly, the man was convicted as charged.

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