All employees of the Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts (MEHA) have a duty to conduct themselves at all times, whether in their official capacities or private lives, in a way that the public’s confidence and trust in the integrity, impartiality and effectiveness of the Ministry are preserved and upheld at all times.

Minister for Education Hon. Rosy Akbar reminds all teachers that they are civil servants and must at all times uphold the values and abide by the Civil Servants Code of Conduct.

Hon. Akbar strongly warns that the Ministry of Education will neither condone nor tolerate any breach of the Civil Servants Code of Conduct.

The Ministry has disciplinary measures in place and will institute without hesitation disciplinary action against all officers found in breach of the Civil Servants Code of Conduct.

No MEHA employee should engage in any activity that brings disrepute to the nobility of the teaching profession, whether in official working hours or outside of official working hours.

MEHA employees are to treat all members of society with respect, courtesy and in a fair and equitable manner without harassment, victimisation or discrimination in accordance with section 26(3) of the Constitution.

All MEHA employees must ensure that their conduct in their official capacity and their private life is not to the detriment of any person, group or body and should have due regard and respect for the dignity, rights, duties and proper interests of all others.

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